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About Us

Arlington Blue Top Cab, has provided taxi service in Arlington County since January 1984, when it began operation with 10 certificates. Since then, our fleet has grown to 181 cabs and radio-dispatched calls have increased 500%.

As the first cab company in Northern Virginia to recognize the local senior citizen population as a viable market and offer a senior citizen discount, we are renowned throughout the area for our knowledge and ability to transport special-needs passengers. Our clientele also includes a variety of government agencies, associations, and private sector companies.

Major Accounts:

• Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services
• Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services
• Virginia Department for the Visually Handicapped
• Arlington County Community Services Board
• Arlington County Department of Human Services
• Arlington Chapter of the American Red Cross


Contact our taxi company in Arlington, Virginia, whenever you need chauffeuring at lower costs.